Kallavesi cruise

The fall term starts with KuoTra’s annual cruise on the beautiful Lake Kallavesi (or Kallavesj as we say in Kuopio). The cruise has a theme that changes every year and every year the person who best personifies the theme wins amazing prizes!

Overall baptism

As the student culture in Finland dictates you should not wear your overalls before the overall baptism. KuoTra organizes an overall baptism for the freshmen as soon as the overalls are ordered, and they have arrived. Usually this means the autumn, but the baptism has been known to be celebrated in the winter time as well because of some unexpected delays. At the baptism the freshmen are official wed as BBA students and they take the sacred BBA overall oath!


Tradenologia (or Logia for short) is an annual event organized by the BBA student union and student associations in it. These two days include traditionally a competition in groups and an amazing after party on both evenings. Logia started out in 2003 and it is held in different city every year- maybe even in Kuopio on one of these years…? KuoTra usually tries to organize a bus ride affordable for students to the event and back if there are enough of interested participants.

Tahko Ski resort trip

At the end of January BBA students back up their winter gear and head to to Tahko! With this trip there is a possibility to go skiing and snowboard for a few days or relax at the spa. During the last few years the students have also enjoyed activities such as beer bong, sitsit and KuoTra winter Olympics!

Co-operation parties

Sometimes it is fun to organize with a bigger group. Together with the other student associations in Savonia KuoTra organizes the Student party of Kuopio (Kuopion Opiskelijabileet KOB). To make it short KOB (the party) is organized about three times a year; right at the start of the autumn, around Christmas time with a pikku joulu (little x-mas) theme and in the spring as an after party for Puijonkadun Appro. On occasion we also organize sitsit or other parties with the other student associations and we take part in organizing the big events of student Union SAVOTTA like Winterfest.


Originally this event format came from Sweden, our yellow and blue neighbor, and then University students in Finland started to enjoy the event as well before the format finally made it big in the UAS as well. Sitsit are an academic table celebration where you eat, drink, sing drinking songs and have speeches. Usually the party has a theme that you must follow. Specific about sitsit is that they have strict rules that you have to follow. Break the rules and you will receive a
punishment. The leaders, Toast masters, will go over the rules at the beginning and they are who you should obey. Sitsit can change a lot by style; they might be more traditional with formal clothing or you can be eating chips in overalls. The best way to learn more about sitsit is to take part in one –or more! KuoTra organizes sitsit usually once in a semester.