Send pictures to Kuotra

Do you have a habit of always taking pictures at school and student events? Would you like to see your pictures on Kuotra website? Now's your chance!

Our aim is to collect pictures about the student life for Kuotra to use. The pictures would be used on the Kuotra website and possibly in event posters.
The pictures can be about events, school or just student life in general.

Kuotra does not take responsibility of the pictures of publish the photographers name with the pictures.

When sending the pictures you guarantee that the pictures you're sending are your own and you have the permission of the people in the pictures to send them.

The pictures should be proper, of good taste and not feature excessive amounts of alcohol.

The pictures should also be good quality.

I understand the terms and conditions of sending pictures to Kuotra and I guarantee that the pictures are mine 

By clicking the lick you'll find an email address where you can send the pictures.