What is Sykettä?

  • SYKETTÄ includes sport services for the students and staff members in Savonia University of Applied Sciences and University of Eastern Finland.

  • Sykettä services students and staff members in Kuopio, Iisalmi, Varkaus, Joensuu and Savonlinna.

  • There is a diverse sports calendar which features more than 60 weekly sports classes and takes into account all movers from beginners to more advanced.

  • The goal is to create an active, social and well-being college community

What does Sykettä include?

  • Good vibes, joy of moving and movers of all shapes and sizes!
  • Guided group exercises for over 60 hours per week (!!!)
  • Open sports turns
  • Reserved turns for student and personnel groups
  • Sports classes, new types of exercise, themed days

How to join?

  1. Register as a user on the Sykettä.fi website, fill in the form and go pick up your sticker from the nearest POS.

  2. Pay your sticker either online as you register or from the POS.

  • The prices of the stickers during the academic year of2017-2018:
    • Instructed group class package 35€ Autumn 2017/ 66€ Academic year 17-18

    • Ball sports package 17 € Autumn 2017/ 33 Academic year 17-18This covers everything except the instructed group classes.

  • Sticker selling points:
    ISYY Kuopio campus office, Lukema (Yliopistonranta 3)
    Bookshop KUTOP at the Opistotie (Opistotie 2, 1st floor)
    CafeSAVOTTA, Savonia Microkatu campus (Microkatu 1, section E, 3rd floor)
  1. Enroll for the classes through webpages sports calendar. Enrolling is the key to get a place in instructed group classes and open ball sports. The enrollment begins exactly 7 days and ends exactly 30 minutes before the class takes its place. If you can’t participate but you have enrolled for the class, you must cancel it 2 hours before the class begins. If you don’t cancel, you’ll get a sanction (First just a warning and then a week’s ban for SYKETTÄ, which you can lift by paying 4 €).

Questions? Contact info and all other important information can be found on the Sykettä website!