Weekly Update: Week 19

Weekly Update: Week 19

Has this past school year felt like an episode of the Survivors? No worries! The summer is almost here so it’s time to celebrate!

Ticket sale starts tomorrow at 12:00 and tickets are available from -site. Click here and buy yours.

>> SAVONIA FEST 7. - 9.5. <<
Savonia Fest is organized by Savonia UAS Music Industry and it's a 3-day festival which will be held in Hygge Bro. During the festival there will be different kind of music genres to hear - from a capella to latino! Table reservations for those who would like to have dinner at the same time - call to Hygge Bro: 044 242 3462 (best times to call > Mon - Fri 9:00 - 10:00 and 14:00 - 16:00). 

Check the schedule from FB!
Free entry! 😊

>> SAVONIA GALLERY CONTAINER: Pop Up Cafe Varpu - 9. - 13.5. <<
Savonia Gallery container arrives at the market place again, this time containing Pop Up Cafe Varpu which offers healthy snacks like chia pudding, overnight oats and homemade protein bars as well as some very good quality coffee.

Pop Up Cafe Varpu is a JA (junior achievements) company set up by four UAS students. In February the company was awarded as the best JA company at the higher level in Northern Savonia, for which we got to go to the national finals in Helsinki. In April in the finals we were awarded as the best sales team in the higher level, so great and professional service is guaranteed. 😉

Please note that the opening hours might still change before the opening, but initially were open from 2pm to 8pm.
Aaand that's it for this week! Keep still looking for KuoTra's social media if there will be something to inform! 😊 Enjoy for these warm weathers and have a nice week!

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