Kuopion Tradenomiopiskelijat ry


Trusteeship is a big and fancy-sounding term. In our operations, in all its simplicity, it means to promote the interests of our members. We want you to have a good time both in and out of school.

Trusteeship includes (among other things) events, tutoring, networking events and the ability to influence in who are elected to the board of our association. Apart from the fact that KuoTra’s board organizes all the nice things for students, it represents the BBA students in the direction of Savonia’s staff and administration. That means that if there’s something wrong in our business education, we can be your spokespersons and tell your message forward to make a change.

In addition to us, there’s the Students of Business and Technology and the Student Union of Savonia UAS (SAVOTTA) who also look out for your best interests.

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