Kuopion Tradenomiopiskelijat ry

Professionals of Business and Technology

Students of Business and Technology?

The National Union is focusing only on promoting the interest of business and technology students and a community for all BBA students. It was founded by students in 2002. All BBA students are welcome to join as members. Students of Business and Technology has 29 local branches and KuoTra ry is one of them. Students of Business and Technology is also a member in Akava’s student council which represents over 110 000 University and University of Applied Sciences students.


Silver membership is free for BBA students, but member benefits will expire after 18 months. After that, membership is worth updating to gold or black membership, so that the right to membership benefits continues. Benefits include for example salary counselling and counselling services for employment counsellors.



Gold level membership includes all basic benefits and additionally legal protection, an extensive travel and accident insurance for leisure time and personal career guidance. This all costs only 19 €/ year!



When you work during your studies or are about to start a summer job or internship, black level is your choice! Black level membership is all- inclusive membership level, meaning that you’re also entitled to all benefits granted to Silver and Gold level members and additionally unemployment insurance. Black level membership costs 85 €/ year.



How do I become a member?

You can become a member through KuoTra. You can reach us by visiting our stand-events or office days which are held every Tuesday. You can also reach us by contacting KuoTra’s board member via email hallitus@kuotra.fi.

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