Kuopion Tradenomiopiskelijat ry

Student Union SAVOTTA

What is SAVOTTA?

The student union of the Savonia UAS is known from the abbreviation SAVOTTA. Among other things, the student union organizes various events, is involved in producing SYKETTÄ – Kuopio University sports services, maintains cafeSAVOTTA at the Microkatu campus, delivers student cards and acquires student discounts. In addition, SAVOTTA editorializes on current issues and represents students at the Savonia UAS’s administrative organs.

Student card and -benefits

In Savonia, every student gets a student card free of charge. A basic student card works as a student’s ID card, a library card in campus libraries as well as a login card for printers. Photo shoots for the student card pictures are organized immediately after the beginning of the academic year and the cards are centrally ordered for all new students at the same time.

Students who have joined the Student Union and who have paid the membership fee receive their academic year/semester sticker. The sticker tells you that the card is valid and makes it the official student card in all parts of Finland. You can join as a member by filling out the membership form and returning it to cafeSAVOTTA at Microkatu campus or to Student Union office in Microkatu (alongside with caféSAVOTTA). Membership fee can be paid online or at cafeSAVOTTA. For further information on membership issues, please visit the Student Union website. Unfortunately, the website is only in Finnish.

You can find many student card benefits of the Kuopio region and more information on the website Opiskelijankuopio.fi.

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