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What is SAVOTTA?

What is SAVOTTA?

SAVOTTA is the student union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences, known by the abbreviation SAVOTTA. They act as the representative for the interests of all Savonia students, ensuring that students’ voices are heard within Savonia. Simply put, they make sure that studying at Savonia is more enjoyable, easier, and more affordable. SAVOTTA is one of the largest student unions in Finland and collaborates with Savonia’s student associations.

What’s the difference between SAVOTTA and KuoTra?

The student union represents the interests of all Savonia students. KuoTra is the association for business students, specifically looking after the interests of all Savonia business students.

Student Card

In the first week, every new student will have their photo taken for the student card. This card is free and serves as a personal and library card on campus, an identification card for multifunctional devices, and a key for lockers. Remember to give consent to share your information with the student union so they can order the card for you. Instructions can be found here.

If, for any reason, you can’t make it to the card photoshoot, you can independently visit SAVOTTA’s office or follow the tutors’ guidance to get your photo taken. You can also order the student card and acquire student union membership from SAVOTTA’s online store.

Becoming a Member of the Student Union?

By becoming a member of the student union, you’ll receive an expiration sticker on your aforementioned student card, making it an official student card. This makes you eligible for all local and national student discounts. After paying the membership fee, you can collect the expiration sticker from any Microkatu campus service point.

The student union also offers its own benefits and discounts. As a joining bonus, you’ll get a student calendar and a two-month subscription to Savon Sanomat newspaper. cafeSAVOTTA and Bar & cafeSAVOTTA at Microkatu campus offer discounted coffee for members, and you can also purchase discounted Finnkino movie tickets from cafeSAVOTTA.

As a member of the student union, you have the option to download the Slice and/or Pivo mobile student card. Both offer numerous student benefits locally and nationally.

If you’re interested in an active student life and want to influence student matters or the student union’s activities, as a member, you can run for the SAVOTTA representative council or board.

Student Union Services at the Following Service Points on Microkatu Campus

Bar&cafeSAVOTTA, Campus Heart, 1st floor
cafeSAVOTTA, E-corridor, 3rd floor
PiSTE, FG-lobby, 3rd floor

SAVOTTA Organizes Many Events Throughout the Academic Year!

Kauppakadun Improbatur

This interdisciplinary event takes over Kuopion Kauppakatu every autumn, allowing you to explore numerous restaurants. Collect stamps in your event pass by visiting restaurants and participating in challenges. Compete for amazing prizes in teams of four or individually! Afterward, the afterparty takes place at restaurant Albatross.


A unique winter event in Tahko! A weekend filled with winter activities, competitions, “juhannus-sitsit” (midsummer-themed party), and lots of fun. Both days culminate in the official afterparty at Tahko’s Piazza.


The students’ winter celebration at Savilahdenpuisto gathers Kuopio’s university students for winter fun. In teams of four, complete challenges in the event area and compete for fantastic prizes. There will be ice fishing, snow football, and human curling! If you get cold, you can dip into a warm hot tub and visit the INSSI sauna. SAVOTTA also offers warmth in the form of juice and sausages. The afterparty is at restaurant Apteekkari.

Kuopion Student Parties

Known as KOBit, these events are held a few times a year in collaboration with other Kuopio student associations. The evening includes various activities depending on the theme of the event, and you can also buy overall patches on-site.

You can explore SAVOTTA’s website here.

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