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Want to be a tutor?

The tutors for 2023-2024 has been chosen!

Who are tutors and what are their responsibilities?

Tutors are older students who want to help with creating a great student community! Tutors responsibilities include creating “we”-spirit for freshmen classes and guide them through the degree program starting all the way from the entrance exams. Every starting class will have their own peer tutors, who work tightly together. Tutoring is a yearlong project, even though the busiest time is during orientation days and the first month after new students arrive.

Tutors also have a chance to work as a schools’ PR-people. This includes going to different events like Studia-fair or UAS-days, where you are tasked with showcasing the BBA studies to possible future applicants.

What do you gain from tutoring?

Tutoring will give you a chance to network with a lot of people from other fields of study, but also inside the business department. You will have plenty of practice on your public performance and leadership skills along with lot of new experiences. You will also find new friends from tutoring, who might last for lifetime.

Also, student union will thank tutors with 2 relaxing days during the year, at fall and spring.

And that’s not all, as long as you are active and remember to fill in your tutoring diary, you will get 3 credits!

Want to become a tutor?

Tutors are recruited once a year in January-February. Tutors are selected based on an application and feedback from former peer tutors along with possible interviews. To ensure professionalism on tutors, SAVOTTA organizes tutor trainings during the spring and late summer; these trainings include networking, lectures and other activities. Trainings are designed to make sure that tutors develop their tutoring skills to the max. Tutors will also have 1 tutor training organized by student counsellor and head tutor. Most importantly, tutoring is an amazing chance for networking between other fields of study and gaining friends. Also, you will have a chance to develop your skills in leadership and team working.

More information about tutoring you can find from Reppu, or just ask the head tutor:

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