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Happy new year 2023!

Happy new year 2023!

One year has once again come to and end. In KuoTra’s operations, the turn of the year means that the board changes. As the 2022 chair, I would like to thank everyone for this past year on behalf of our entire board!

The world finally opened properly in March, and since then we have been able to do one event after another, without forgetting, of course, the interdisciplinary football tournament, afterworks and Wellness Weeks, as well as many other adventures and campaigns. We also got to see a lot of our students on campus, as well as other active members of other BBA student associations around Finland. We visited several annual parties, participated in organization trainings and the union meeting. During the year, we managed to develop our operations forward in several areas, and the direction for the new board is certainly also positive.

A year holds a lot of all kinds of things that can’t even be put into words. But without further ado, thank you once again for this year and good luck and success in the coming year 2023!

Board 2022 is signing out.

<3: Annika Väänänen, chair 2022

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