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KuoTra’s Chair’s podcast has been released!

KuoTra’s Chair’s podcast has been released!

The Chair’s blog, which used to be called Chair’s Words, has now changed in to a podcast! The podcast is called “KuoTran PJ-podcast”, where the chair and the numerous guests, discuss current topics related to student life and organizational activities.

The first episode was published in January 2022, which you can listen to here. You can also search the podcast on Spotify by KuoTran PJ-podcast. In the first episode, Annika Väänänen, the chair, and Kalle Kauppinen, vice chair, will tell about on their own activites in their life and also in the behalf on KuoTra. In addition, the episode deals with the start of the year and motivation to volunteer for board activities.

NOTE! The podcast is currently hosted in Finnish only.


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