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The end of the fall is approaching

The end of the fall is approaching

Hello to you all!

Autumn is coming to the end and this also means that our association’s annual fall meeting is approaching and we are also choosing the new board for term 2021. You can apply to the board until this week’s Friday 13th November. If you are studying business in Savonia UAS and you are even a bit interested to the board activities, we recommend checking out previous article here on the website. There you can find the instructions for applying.

The most of this year has been exceptional and it has affected to our association’s work a lot. At the start of the year we got a chance to organize our traditional sitsit and at the start of the fall we also organized Fuksiaiset for the freshmen, but other than that all our traditional events have been cancelled during the pandemic. This situation has made us to ponder new solutions for different kind of occasions but during adapting this new normal situation, we have also found astonishing ideas for our operation since we’ve gotten to think everything from new perspective.

We launched this fall our new concept Wellness Weeks, which will be organized from now on at least two times a year. The meaning of the weeks is to bring up different kind of options how to improve either your physical or mental wellbeing. During these weeks we organized for example campfire evening at Pölhö and it gathered many of our members to spend time together. Wellness Weeks included also campaign for donating blood.

Wellness Weeks got very much visibility on social media and we will start improving the concept on upcoming years through the feedback we got about the first Wellness Weeks ever. Unfortunately because of the covid-19, we had to cancel the sport experiment that was planned for the wellness weeks this year.

Usually the end of the fall is also exciting time since the freshmen are waiting for the amazing overalls that have been ordered on the first days of school year. We can happily to inform you that those overalls have been arrived and some of you have also gotten them for themselves already. Unfortunately we have to inform you that we can’t organize the traditional overall baptism, at least not this fall. We want to make sure that all of our student will stay healthy and safe. We will organize this wonderful event later when the situation in this world will let us.

But there is no need for panic! We are organizing something small for you freshmen, so you get to do some fun with your overalls after all. So stay tuned!

Even though we are having very exceptional year, we are doing pretty well, thanks to the amazing community spirit we are having between our association and members. See you at the annual fall meeting, either at the campus or through the zoom!


Sini Tuovinen
Kuopion Tradenomiopiskelijat ry

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